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Picture of Max Bernard A. K. A. smackjaX

My name is Max; or, in some circles, smackjaX.
I'm a graphic designer, web designer, and web developer.

In my free time, I'm one part wanderer, ten parts coffee-drinker, and a few parts motorcycle guy.


  • Gold boxes are examples of both graphic designs and websites I've built
  • Blue boxes are graphic/logo projects
  • Purple boxes are examples of my code

Mobile Auto Body Repair Services

The design itself of this logo was very simple, as my client already had a smaller image of what he wanted. However, the low quality of the smaller logo wreaked havoc with larger screens.

Similarly with the site, he knew he wanted something clean, simple, and direct.

Benjamin Immanuel Photography

This logo is a recent revision of an old design; In the majority of my art, I try to capture an idea as much as a literal object.

This website was built entirely with Wordpress, of course still fully responsive.

Bernard Technology Partners

When starting this project, I asked my client what he was looking for. What did he want in the logo? How would he describe his business? I asked for the first thing that came to mind. His exact response was, "A penguin eating a banana."

Athough, in the end, he decided that he did not want to be represented by this, I was proud of the final product.

Bernard Tech (continued)

Aside from the penguin, my client had said specifically that he would take my logo if he could have it.

Although flattered, I declined.

But I tried to capture the essence of my own, with this being the final result.

The Man In Blue

With this project my client already had a very detailed sketch of what she wanted. While I love being given the freedom to create from scratch, I also don't mind being given a specific idea to flesh out.

I get incredible satisfaction in helping make someone else's idea a reality.

Smackjax Web Works

One of my most difficult projects was my own logo and this site, to try and capture the image that I wanted to both be seen as and remembered by.

I try to remember on all my projects just how much getting it right meant to me.

Dropdown Menu

In a nutshell, I coded this solution for it's pizazz. A common solution doesn't allow the dropdown to have animated effects, and I wanted to change that.

This solution is also fully responsive, meaning it resizes to fit from cell phone screens to desktops.


Although it's not very pretty, this was a small project I built when I was learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

It was built with pure JavaScript, without the use of any libraries like JQuery.

If you're impressed, intrigued, or just feel like connecting, feel free to get in touch with me.